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Turn to Enpower Supply Solutions for Wholesale Hand Towels and a Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser

Are you looking for a reliable company to provide you with the items you need to keep your office neat and tidy? Look no further than the qualified team at Enpower Supply Solutions. We carry quality options for paper hand towels at wholesale value along with experienced advice regarding the selection of a commercial paper towel dispenser.

Benefits of a Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser

A leading reason why clients opt to purchase a commercial paper towel dispenser is to help save money. Although an electric hand dryer in the bathroom of your company is a great accessory, it can be costly to run. This type of machine is very sensitive and begins to run at the slightest indication of movement.

An electric unit is not always the best choice if you need a paper hand towels around your store or office. For example, if you are seeing a patient at your medical office and need to wipe up spilt liquid or wipe your hands after an examination, it is much easier to rip off the correct length of paper that you need. Additionally, an automatic dryer makes a lot of noise.

Our Inventory Selection

We offer a superior line of dispensers and paper hand towels at wholesale prices. One of our top selling dispensers is the KC70250 Aquarius Optimum Towel Dispenser, which is ideal for any home or office. This piece is made to last and built using durable ABS Plastic. It is lockable and features a window, so it is easy to see when it requires a refill.

Another popular choice is our KC70240 Aquarius Compact Towel Dispenser. This dispenser is specially made to hold inter-fold towels. This type of towel is usually the perfect size to clean a small mess or dry your hands quickly. The unit is designed to distribute paper towels with ease without jamming and provides a quick method of restocking towels.

We have you covered when you need paper towels to stock your new dispensers. Our KC4457 Scott Optimum Towel option come in bundles of 150 sheets with a per carton size of 16 packs. Using just one sheet goes a long way in containing the spread of germs and aids in cleaning up any spills or accidents around your office.

Trust Us for Your Paper Hand Towels at Wholesale Rates 

With ten years of experience in the industry, the professionals at Enpower Supply Solutions understand the usefulness of stocking your company with paper hand towels at wholesale prices. We are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we offer our clients fast turnaround times once your order is finalised. Our team works quickly to have your commercial paper towel dispenser en route to your location on either the same- or next-day depending on what time we receive your request.

For more information about our inventory, please reach out through our contact page.

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