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Reach Out to Enpower Supply Solutions for Sharps Containers and Bins in Australia

Do you need sharps containers in Australia for your medical facility or office? Turn to the experienced professionals at Enpower Supply Solutions for a quality selection of options. We recognise the necessity of these items in the medical field and work quickly to process your order.

Our Choices for Sharps Containers in Australia

Our company is proud to offer top-of-the-line sharps containers in Australia. Terumo is considered a highly-regarded brand in the medical industry, which is why we offer three sizes of containers from this company. Each of their sharps bin options in Australia is made in a bright yellow colour with a clear label that warns patients and staff that the contents of the container are dangerous. The Terumo 6L Sharps Container with Screw Lid is ideal for large offices that need a place to dispose of needles throughout the day.

Our containers also come in smaller sizes, including 1.4L and 3L. All options have a clip or screw lid located at the top to avoid the risk of any needles falling out accidentally. Regardless of which bin you select, it’s critical to remember that hazardous material should be removed regularly and safely. The bin should always be lined with a clinical waste bag made specifically for its purpose.

Handling needles always requires a certain level of safety, so don’t forget to view our selection of latex gloves and other protective clothing which come in a variety of sizes and colours.

The Importance of Using a Sharps Bin in Australia

A sharps bin in Australia serves a practical safety purpose in any doctor’s office. The container serves as a secure item to store used needles until they can be removed from your location. By utilising one of our bins, you are protecting the health of every person in your office by drastically reducing the risk of exposure to a contaminated needle.

The presence of a sharps container in your office demonstrates to your patients that you have a strong commitment to their safety. The bin should always be placed high on a wall or in an area of the office that cannot be accessed by anyone other than your staff.

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The team at Enpower Supply Solutions understand the essential role that our sharps containers in Australia play in a doctor’s office. We strive to create personal relationships with our clients, which is why we are happy to take the time to discuss any details about our products to ensure that you feel comfortable with your purchase. Our friendly customer service team is ready to address any of your concerns. Would you like an in-person demonstration for one of our products? Just let us know so we can send a member of our team to your location with any items that interest you.

If you have any questions or concerns about a sharps bin in Australia, use our contact page to tell us more.

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