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Why Medical Professionals Wear Masks and Where to Buy a Surgical Face Mask Box

Most people are aware that surgeons and other medical centre staff typically wear a surgical face mask to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. There are many reasons why it’s so important to wear a medical mask and helpful to know a few tips about how to wear one correctly in a medical setting.

Why Should People Wear Face Masks?

Surgeons and nurses assisting in performing clean surgery must wear disposable face masks throughout every procedure. The purpose of these masks is twofold: first, to protect the patient from any potential germs that might travel from the surgeon’s mouth or nose into the patient’s wound and, secondly, to protect the surgeon’s face from splashes and sprays of bodily fluid from the patient. Face masks are believed to reduce the incidence of post-surgery wound infection as well as the spread of contagious diseases.

However, the operating room isn’t the only place you’ll see medical masks being worn. They’ve also become ubiquitous in emergency departments, urgent cares, and doctors’ office waiting rooms, commonly offered to patients who are coughing or otherwise feeling unwell with something that could be communicable. Many people even choose to wear them daily out in public to protect themselves from any germs they may encounter or to protect others from their own illnesses. These masks help keep you from touching your nose and mouth with potentially contaminated fingers and can also help reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

Tips for Using Your Surgical Face Mask Correctly

To get the most benefits out of your masks, it’s essential to use them correctly each time. A few tips to ensure that you are using your masks the right way include:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before you touch the mask
  • Inspect the mask to be sure that it does not have any small tears or holes
  • Identify the top and front of the mask to be sure that you are positioning it properly
  • If the mask has ear loops, hold it by these loops and place a loop around each of your ears
  • If the mask has ties, bring the mask to your nose, place the ties over your head, and secure
  • If the mask has bands, pull the top strap over your head while you hold the mask to your nose, and then pull the bottom strap over your head to secure it at the nape of your neck
  • Finally, pull the mask over your mouth and chin for complete coverage

Where to Buy a Surgical Mask Box

Because they help eliminate cross-contamination, wearing a surgical face mask can be a vital part of any infection control strategy. Remember, surgical masks are there to protect both the wearer and the people around them. Whether you are a surgeon, a doctor’s office, a dental practice, or merely an individual who wants to be as cautious as possible about the spread of disease, Enpower Supply Solutions can help. Here you can buy a surgical mask box or choose from a range of other medical supplies. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to place your next order.

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