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Disposable Gloves Have Become Indispensable

Various industries use disposable gloves for food preparation, medical and scientific research integrity. Compulsory use of disposable gloves is a cost-effective way to prevent cross-contamination, which could skew scientific results or spread diseases.

Most disposable gloves are made from a natural rubber which we refer to as latex. They are popular for disposable examination gloves as they are incredibly tactile, flexible and comfortable. Disposable surgical gloves allow medical professionals to examine their patients and deliver hygienic services in the operating theatre, dentist rooms, emergency wards or in an ambulance. This practice also ensures their patient’s safety by disposing of the gloves after each patient, ensuring there is no transfer of bodily fluid, diseases or bacteria from one patient to another. Disposable gloves with powder can cause an irritation to the person wearing them, consequently, we only stock powder free gloves.

Different Types of Disposable Gloves Available

When manufacturing latex gloves from materials harvested from rubber trees, although biodegradable, the proteins in the raw materials contain antigens which are allergy-inducing toxins. For those who are allergic to latex, there are various non-latex options available.

One of your options would be to consider disposable examination gloves made from Nitrile. A latex-free synthetic compound known as acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber is formed by bonding Acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile gloves are stronger than latex gloves and offer greater protection and chemical resistance than their latex counterparts.

Another alternative is vinyl, which is made from polyvinyl chloride to give the material more flexibility. These gloves are thicker and less suited to delicate operations and would not be suited as Disposable surgical gloves.

The last option you would have is Neoprene gloves, which manufacturers produce from a synthetic material called Chloroprene, which has similar properties to latex without causing allergic reactions.

Our Online Shop Stocks All Your Disposable Glove Requirements

When you visit our online store, you will find a wide variety of disposable gloves from which to choose.

The selection of Nitrile gloves is available in various colours with long or short cuff lengths and sizes. To help you select the correct gloves for your application, the product description provides information on suggested uses, for example, stating that a specific glove is suited for use by vets or tattoo artists. Thin-nitrile technology provides textured fingers, increased tactile sensitivity and reduces fatigue on your hands.

The range of latex gloves is also available in different sizes and grades and offer exceptional dry or wet grip capabilities. The online shop descriptions include packaging sizes and further detailed information about the available latex gloves.

If you want to care for your hands while working with gloves on, consider the Aloe Vera glove which is lined with a thin layer of Aloe Vera on the inside which activates with the heat from your hands to moisturise and protect your hands.

Contact us if you require any further information or would like to schedule an appointment for us to come and meet with you to discuss the best solution for your needs. Our quality products and outstanding service will exceed your expectations.

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