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Online Dental Supplies Including Ejector Tips for Saliva Extractor

At Enpower Supply Solutions, we provide quality dental products that help you to promote oral wellness and give your patients a comfortable overall experience. You can work more confidently knowing that you have cotton pellets, rinse cups, dappen dishes, saliva ejectors and various other supplies in stock when you require them. Our online store has been supplying essential products to dental and medical practices for more than ten years.

Buy Dental Saliva Ejectors

Ensuring that your patients have a pleasant oral appointment can be as simple as managing their saliva accumulation while you work. Our supply of saliva ejectors for your extractor tool are innovatively designed to provide you with a disposable tip that is easy to attach and remove. These disposable products are ideal for preventing cross-contamination, and they save you time by eliminating the need to sterilise tools between patients. Our supply of Everyday Essentials saliva ejectors come in a range of colours including green, blue, fuchsia and violet, which can be a helpful and fun tool when dealing with nervous children.

These essential ejector tips are manufactured to fit all standard saliva extractor hose ends. The pliable nature of the ejectors makes them easy to use, while still holding their shape and the tip design helps to ensure minimal tissue impingement. These products are latex-free, which decreases the chance of allergic reaction when using with sensitive patients. The disposable nature of these saliva ejectors means that we sell this product in large quantities to help you ensure there is one for every patient. You can order bags of 100 ejectors or a carton of 1000.

Other Services We Provide

Dental care covers a wide range of services, which is why we have a large assortment of products in various categories such as preventative care, restorative, endodontic, day-to-day care, infection control and more. Our accessible inventory of different dental care products means you can order protective sleeves for your extractor hose or headrest at the same time as purchasing hospital-grade disinfectant, gauze or mouth rinse cups. You can browse through our dental supply categories and order your required products in bulk at competitive prices. We save you the hassle of shopping around different suppliers to source the various products you need.

We provide you with personalised service. You can speak directly to us at any time about your order, and we will know how to help. We ship our orders promptly with same day dispatch of in-stock products. Our Australian-owned and operated company also means that you won’t be waiting for weeks for overseas delivery or have issues with customs. We dispatch your order from within Australia. Our excellent customer service also means that if you cannot find something you need on our website, we will help you track it down. We help you save time and money when you order quality dental supplies from our online store. Contact us or set up your account and start ordering supplies today.

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